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            Students are assigned a lot of academic assignments that are used in informal and summative assessments. These assignments may take various forms such as term papers, research papers, research project proposals, essays, book reviews, or any other form of academic literary work. These assignments count a lot to the students because they determine the performance of the student by the end of the term or semester. At times students are unable to attend to all their academic assignments because they may have inadequate time. This happens when the assignments assigned to the students are too many. The introduction of crash programs meant to fasten studies and shorten the time taken to acquire qualifications has also worsened the situation for students because most students are unable to multitask doing their assignments and study activities.

            The introduction of "websites that write assignments for you"  has made academic life easier and bearable for students in such instances. Students can now outsource their assignment writing activities to these online companies at a fee. These companies offer services in researching and actual writing of academic assignments. These online assignment help websites offer other services such as proofreading and editing for students that may have already written out their academic assignments but would like to have them checked for conformity to writing standards. These companies charge affordable fees levied in terms of the number of pages written, edited, or proofread.


Are your online assignment help services legitimate?

            Most of these companies are online, and as a result, it may be difficult for students to determine whether a company can offer quality services or not. Most of these companies advertise themselves as being the best assignment help sites in the field. Despite this difficulty, students are advised to countercheck a few issues before outsourcing their assignment work to these online assignment writing firms.

Integrity Checks for Hiring Online Essay Writing Website

On-Time Delivery

Firstly, the student should ensure that the company can deliver his/her assignments in time for submission. Timely services are essential for all students because the assignments offered by their lecturers or tutors have a fixed deadline that has to be met. Submissions must be done in time so as to avoid penalties such as score reduction or nullification.

Write Original Plagiarism free Works

Secondly, the company should be able to offer plagiarism-free works. Originality is essential in any academic assignment. There are heavy penalties for students that directly take and use material from secondary sources within their assignments. Students should thus ensure that the company they offer their assignments has writers that are able to research well and write original pieces of work based on the research conducted.


Confidentiality should also be maintained to the highest possible level to prevent the students’ names from getting tainted. The maintenance of integrity safeguards the integrity of the student that seeks writing services. It also safeguards his/her work against third party access. It may be hard to find out comprehensive information about a particular company, but students are advised to seek advice from fellow students and peers that may have acquired services from these companies. Through the recommendations obtained from friends, a client should be able to know which company can offer the best services in doing his/her assignments. This is the best way to seek a good company that can offer quality services, rather than blindly outsourcing to a firm that is least known.



Essay writing can be a very challenging task for those students who have it as their assignment writing, and not have the skills and information on how to effectively end efficiently compose a standard essay. In order for anyone to be able to successfully complete their assignment writing certain features should be adhered to that enable the essay to be acceptable. Before composing an essay the writer should ensure that they have adequately researched the contents and he or she should provide the evidence of research. The task of assignment writing, therefore, requires the writer to consult other sources that are not their own knowledge. Supreme Papers writing also requires the writer to plan and draft the essay so as to constitute an essay that is organized. While conducting academic essay writing, one should ensure that the sources that are used for the information in the essay are valid. These, therefore, should be materials such as books, magazines, journals, World Wide Web among many others.

Writing assignments requires that there should be a certain structure for the essay. The essay should commence with an introduction that should incorporate a thesis statement. This should then be followed by properly formed paragraphs that define terms and provide processes. Academic essay writing then requires one to finish with a conclusion that has a summary and recommendation. One can not claim to fulfill the task of assignment writing without including the references after the conclusion of the essay.

While carrying out assignment writing, it is very essential for the writer to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered to be an academic crime and this is avoided by the use of in-text citations and references. The use of in-text citations in writing an essay is paramount as it is through this that the writer is able to acknowledge concepts that are used in the essay and do not originate from the writer. Citing the sources of one's information is a sign of academic honesty and should be conducted every time one engages in assignment writing. Another feature of assignment writing is that all in-text citations should be included on a separate page at the end of the essay in form of a bibliography another way of portraying that the essay is free from plagiarism. Assignment writing requires editing and proofreading to ensure that there are no grammar mistakes in the essay. Essays that have numerous spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes are regarded to be of poor quality.

Some of the students in institutions of higher learning find the task of writing essays to be simple but others, however, find the assignment writing task to be demanding and requiring a lot. This, therefore, calls for the decision by students to seek assignment services. This, however, comes with its challenges and limitations as some of the online assignment writing companies are not certified and do not offer the required quality in their essays. Some of these companies are also fraudulent and only have the intention of taking advantage of individuals who may be desperate to purchase essays. It is therefore advisable that anyone seeking to get help with assignment writing online should take precautions prior to purchasing any essays online. One should conduct appropriate research about the company he/she wishes to acquire the services of conducting paper writing before doing so. 


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