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Online Lab report Writing

            Science reports are academic literary pieces that present research findings from scientific experiments or research-whether primary or secondary. Report writing is thus an essential part of the research procedure and scientific research and experimentation are not complete or significant without a well written scientific research. Science report writing is meant to communicate specific information in a clear and concise manner to the reader. The styles and features adopted for scientific report writing have continuously evolved over time. Typical structures and styles of report writing have evolved towards consistency, however; there are slight variations amongst different disciplines in the various fields of science.

Aspects of a Good Scientific lab report

Good scientific reports share similar aspects that are necessary for most other official or academic forms of writing.


Scientific report writing requires clarity of writing that leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader as to what the author would have wished to pass across through his/her report.

Supportive Materials

Report writing the scientific field also requires supportive material that substantiates the content of the report and the findings that are stated therein. The use of figures, graphs, tables, and other graphical representations is also permitted in developing the message within any scientific report.

Use a Formal Language

Science report writing should adopt a language that is grammatically sound and with no spelling errors. The use of slang, colloquial language or jargon should be avoided within report writing. Acronyms and any other abbreviations used within science reports should be defined as well as all units of measure used in the writing of the scientific report.

Consistent Writing Format

The chosen format should also be consistent throughout the whole paper.

Sections to be included in report writing

Title Page

            The typical sections that characterize any scientific report writing include the title page which holds basic information such as the date of submission, name of author and instructor as well as the title of the report.


The paper usually takes the common IMRAD formula or arranging various sections of the report. The first section of the report is the abstract-a short statement that condenses the whole report into what was done and achieved. In report writing the abstract should be written last after all the other sections have been written.


The second section consists of an introductory part that shows in a short and concise way what the report is all about.


This is followed by the methodologies employed in the research or experimentation process.

Results Section

The methodology section is followed by the results section. This section details all the raw achieved results and data. This information is analyzed in the analysis section that is at times combined with the results section to form one section that displays and analyzes results.

Discussion Section

This section is followed by the discussion section that critically analyzes the results as well as the significance of the results. This section is also used in report writing as a section that offers an explanation as to why the results obtained were as observed or measured.


Finally, report writing is concluded by the conclusion section that explains the significance of the results and the possible use of the findings in any practical applications. The section generally summarizes the whole experimentation or research process.


The conclusion section is followed by the references section that lists all the sources used in the writing of the paper.

The Appendix

Report writing may also include an appendix that displays sample calculations raw data, abbreviations, acronyms, and any other essential information.