Online Proofreading Services

Online Proofreading Services

We are a unique online writing company that offers proofreading services to students and clients from various industries. We provide purchase term papers, essays, proposals, dissertations, and thesis. There are a number of guidelines that we value that make our service better than the services offered by other online companies participating in the online market. The number one guideline is quality. The proofreading services and papers completed by our writers are edited with a focus on quality. The research that leads to the write-up and editing of the academic papers is done through wide consultation of resources. The information is acquired from the updated materials so that recent developments in respective disciplines are reflected in the papers. This enables the clients to get materials that serve their intentions whether management advice or academic assignments. We spend sufficient time in creating each paper.


The guidelines we follow when proofreading

Paper Formatting

Formatting is important in the proofreading services and writing processes. There are several formats that are applicable for writing and the choice depends on the academic professions from which the topic has been selected. Our online proofreading services use the following writing formats that are widely used in the writing process internationally. These are MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Turabian, Chicago, and APA. These are popularly used and acceptable for writing in many universities and colleges and in professional essay writing.

Paper Originality

Our company’s proofreading services value the originality of the written papers. We ensure that the papers are written from the start to the end using the writer's own ideas that are informed by intensive research. All the ideas paraphrased or directly quoted are provided with referencing both in-text and in the bibliography provided on the last page of the papers. Proofreading services also use an online program for evaluating the level of similarity of our papers with other papers done by other writers. This service enables us to ensure that all our completed proofreading services papers are 0% free from plagiarized materials. This is a routine practice that is done for every paper that has been finished and awaits forwarding to the client.

Proper Grammar

Our online proofreading services use English in communicating with the client and in editing the papers given to us by the clients. We proofread the papers and suggest or make corrections that add value to the piece of work. The writers who perform this service in the company are native and advanced speakers of the English language. The proofreading services result in papers that are prepared in English with the highest quality of language grammar. Our clients always compliment the level of adequacy of grammar in the papers that we prepare.

On-time Delivery

The company provides proofreading services in a timely manner. We take assignments from the clients and based on the deadlines given by the client we embark on the writing and editing process. We are continuously present online interacting and taking comments and inquiries from the clients. The writers are spread throughout the day and at night to ensure that any inquiry is answered immediately it is received from the client. This also ensures that the proofreading services are convenient for the client in terms of time. We want the clients to talk to us in a convenient manner. This allows for corrections which may be necessary when the client identifies sees necessary to make certain adjustments. The company offers the service for correction free of charge ant the client only needs to pay the initial price of the service.

Our proofreading services are affordable, time-convenient and research or evidence-based. We ensure that the format, language, cost, time, research and originality is sufficient so that the quality of the papers proofread is achieved and visible by the clients.