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Every student in an institution of higher learning such as a university is at one time during the course of learning required to write a research project. Prior to writing a research project the students are required to submit their research proposals which indicate their research topic. Writing effective research proposals requires the students to select a topic in the related area of specialization. It is therefore essential that when writing research proposals, one should select a topic that will provide the relevant information to be analyzed.

Chapters of Writing Research Proposals

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3

Writing Research Proposals Chapter 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Statement of the problem
  3. Objectives
  4. Purpose of the study

Research proposals usually consist of three chapters; the first chapter consists of various elements.   One of the elements is the introduction part where the researchers introduce the topic of their research papers. In this section researchers explain what will be the content of their research proposals hence providing the reader with an overview of the topic that is being researched on. Other features of research proposals in chapter one include the statement of the problem, the objectives of the research and the purpose of the study. Research papers should also include the significance and justification of the study, as well as the limitations of the study.     

Writing Research Proposals Chapter 2

V. Literature Review

The second chapter of research proposals includes the literature review. In this chapter, the researcher should review the existing literature. Researchers should in their research proposals; analyze other works by other writers about the same topic. This enables the researchers to include in their research proposals, ideologies, perceptions and findings that are related to their topic. By doing this, researchers are able to compare their own findings with that of other researchers hence improving the quality of their research papers.    

Writing Research Proposals Chapter 3 

VI. Data Collection Techniques

VII. Population and sample size

VII. Conclusion

The third and final chapter of research proposals constitutes of various elements. One of these elements is the data collection techniques that will be applied. Identification of the techniques to be used to collect data is important as it enables the researchers to plan how to implement their research proposals. Another element in the third chapter of research proposals is the population and sample size that will be used. This refers to the number of respondents from which the researcher will seek information that will be used to arrive at conclusions. While writing proposals, the writer should ensure that there is a provision of an adequate sampling population and size.

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