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 Writing a term paper is difficult for many learners as they do not have appropriate skills that are needed to write assignments.  The students are supposed to have a wide range of skills to be able to write assignments. Students should have presentation skills, organizational skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking skills. However, the majority of earners do not have such skills.  They are not able to present and organize their work well. Also, they are not able to analyze problems given by the tutor well.  Critical thinking skills are vital when completing assignments as students are able to examine problems or questions given critically and look for solutions.  This has hindered students from writing assignments that meet the specification and requirements of their instructors.  Students should follow the following tips when writing a term paper.


Steps of writing a term paper

Step 1: Select a topic

 The first step when writing a term paper is to select the topic.  Instructors provide various topics that students can select from. This makes it easy for the students to select topics that are relevant to the course when writing a term paper. In other cases, students are required to select their own topics when writing a term paper.  Students face challenges when selecting a topic as some choose topics that are broad and others narrow topics.  Students should be careful when selecting a topic to avoid choosing the wrong topic.  The topic selected should not be too wide or narrow as it hinders the students from structuring their assignments well. A wide topic provides students with a lot of information and makes it hard for them to select the information to include in their assignments. On the other hand, a narrow topic provides the student with limited content and affects the quality of their work as they are not able to support their topic as expected.

Step 2: Develop a Thesis Statement

 The second step when writing a term paper is developing a thesis statement.  Te thesis statement acts as a guide when writing a term paper. Students are supposed to stick to the thesis statement when writing a term paper. The thesis statement should be relevant to the topic selected. They should support the thesis statement when writing a term paper. 

Step 3: Developing a Rough Draft and Outline

The third step is developing a rough draft and outline. Students are supposed to develop a rough draft and outline before they start writing a term paper. The rough draft and outline are essential as they ensure students stick to the topic.  The rough draft mirrors the final paper and it should be developed well. It should be detailed enough for the reader, instructor to understand it. The rough draft should be approved by the instructor before one starts writing a term paper.

Step 4: Writing the Final Copy     

 The fifth step is writing the final copy.  Students should include various sections when writing a term paper.  The assignment should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and references. The introduction should give a detailed overview of the topic being examined. It should also have a thesis statement and guide for the paper at the end. The body should consist of different subtopics and each subtopic should be addressed clearly and in-text citations should be included.  The conclusion should be a summary of the body and the introduction.  Students should restate the thesis statement at the beginning of the conclusion.  The reference list should include a list of sources used and they should be listed in alphabetical order.