Article reviews writing services

 Students are required to write article reviews as part of their grades article review is also known as article critique. In this case, students are required to read a source related to the course they are pursuing and then give their personal opinion about the content of the source. Instructors provide guidelines that students should follow when writing article reviews. However, many students are not able to follow the guidelines and get low grades.  

Article Reviews Writing Guidelines

  • They should start critiquing the source selected by writing the heading.
  • They should include citations of the sources that are being critiqued. 
  • The first paragraph is the introduction and students should summarize the source.
  • They should state the important points when writing the summary.



How to Write Good Article Reviews

                                                   In order to write a good article review, you should include the following aspects.

   When writing critique students should state why the source being reviewed is significant. They should determine whether the source fills a gap within the literature that already exists on the subject being discussed. They should also determine whether the source has breakthrough information. In addition, students should determine whether the information contained in the source causes researchers and other people in the field to change their views about the topic or it repeats what is already known.

 Moreover, students should give their personal evaluation of the source when writing article reviews.  Learners should ask themselves various questions when presenting their views. They should state whether the source is well written and clear. They should also determine whether there is any information that is missing. Students should incorporate research limitations in the reviews and state whether there is a need for further research. In other cases, learners are required to link the source to their real-life experience when writing article reviews.  For instance, instructors ask students to state how the source can help them improve their studies and careers in the future. Further, students are required to connect the content of the source to what they have learned in the course when writing the article reviews.

Must Include a reference list

 When writing reviews students should include a reference list. They should list the source used to write the assignments and any other sources that seemed useful.  The reference list should be written according to the writing style provided by the instructor. Failure to do can affect the student’s grades as the article reviews are not in line with the professor’s requirements.

Must include in-text citations

Including in-text citation is also a must when writing article reviews. Students are required to reference the content of the article reviews well so as to earn marks. 

The student must proofread the article

Lastly, students should proofread their article reviews before submitting them. Proofreading the article reviews helps identify any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and any reference errors. Instructors grade article reviews according to the grammar, content and spelling errors. Students who hand in assignments that have grammatical and spelling errors get low grades. Thus, students should be keen when writing their work. 

The article must be scanned for plagiarism

They should also check their assignments for plagiarism. They should ensure the assignments are not plagiarized as plagiarism affects their grades and students' life. They should paraphrase the content to avoid plagiarism and ensure the assignments are original. Copying content and pasting is not allowed as it affects the originality of the work and leads to plagiarism.